Some Interesting Features of Fire Cabinets

In terms of storing and handling flammable materials, extra care is a must. This is where fire cabinets come in. Such type of cabinet is designed to provide protection, safety, and security. It is no wonder why more and more companies need it, especially that they come with great features.

Double-Walls Made from 18-Gauge Steel

The majority of fire cabinets available today come with a double wall that is made from 18-gauge steel to resist wear and tear, as well as high temperatures so the contents inside are protected in case of fire.


The Shelves can Support 350 lbs. or More

One great advantage of using a flammable storage cabinet is that it can sustain so much weight. The majority of them could support 350 lbs. If needed, there are that can even support more than this weight.


Sloped Shelves to Direct Spills Away

In some cases, containers that contain flammable liquid may crack and spill. To prevent the liquid from spreading, the cabinet come with shelves that are sloped so the spills are directed away from the container.


Self-Closing Doors

The doors of such type of cabinet automatically closes in case the temperature reaches 165-degrees Fahrenheit. This feature protects the employees and other items in the company or warehouse. Obviously, not all of them are equipped with this kind of feature, however, safety is the top priority so you have to search in market for this type of cabinet.


Wide Range of Finishes

This type of cabinet come in a wide range of colors. The most popular ones are yellow and red. But, these colors are not just for aesthetic purposes. They actually make the flammable liquid cabinet a lot easier to clean and become withstand wear and tear. The paint is lead-free and is specifically designed for optimum chemical resistance.


Equipped with Warning Labels

The labels are of great importance as it is a way of informing others that the cabinets have flammable contents, thus the tendency of accidents is greatly minimized. In addition, you may be happy to know that these warning labels are very effective and are easily seen in case of low-light conditions and power outages.


Leak-Proof Sills

In most cases, the sill is 2-inches deep, which is perfect for spill capture. All fire storage cabinets, regardless of size come with safety devices that can greatly help in case of emergencies.


Features a 3-point Key Lock

To prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the storage cabinets, they come equipped with a 3-point self-latching locks with double key set. With this, the cabinet becomes very safe wherever they are kept.

Having a flammable storage cabinet in place is a must. It is one of the most effective ways of protecting not just the chemicals inside it, but most of all, the people in the facility in case of accidents.