CNC Router for Sale: Why Buy One Instead of a Conventional Type?

It’s true that buying a CNC router for sale may cost a lot, but if you choose to purchase an industrial model then you should be prepared to pay up to six figures. Also, the performance of a computer-controlled model is capable of bridging the price differential by helping companies reduce their operating costs and increase their revenue. Below are some points that show how you can benefit from a CNC router, making it a financially advantageous option than a conventional one.

Benefits of a Computer-Controlled Router

Production Capacity

There should be a reason why CNC router for sale is so common these days. This type of equipment can produce more work in a given period of time compared to conventional equipment. It also delivers results faster, with more precise cuts. Its large size table makes it possible to produce numerous pieces in just a matter of seconds. When using conventional routers, you will only be producing one by one.

Cutting Capacity

Computer-controlled routers can cut along axes, which are the linear of circular motions of the blades in the cutter head. Every axis is a representation of a plane on which the blades can cut through. Thus, a 3-axis model cuts on three planes; a 5-axis model cuts on five planes, and so on and so forth. Since conventional routers do not have the technology to cut on several planes, they have less cutting capacity.

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Quality of Reconditioned Equipment

The idea of buying a pre-owned CNC router makes a lot of people nervous. Pre-owned, CNC equipment is still not cheap, though and secondhand hardware is known to be not so reliable than a new hardware. But, there is a big difference between pre-owned hardware serviced before it is resold and secondhand hardware reconditioned before it is resold. The former basically receives standard maintenance. On the other hand, the latter has worn parts replaced, and undergoes a thorough cleaning. Not every used woodworking machinery for sale is reliable, but a reconditioned equipment usually is.

Reduced Payroll

Since a computer-controlled equipment is programmable, an operator can program numerous workstations and monitor the production process. While conventional equipment, often requires an operator to be present at every workstation. When businesses decide to switch to a CNC production environment, they get the option of reducing costly payroll.

Reduced Waste Work

With its increased cutting accuracy there comes reduced waste work. With conventional equipment, human error is an unavoidable part of the production process. But when a computer is the one that controls the equipment, this error is eliminated. As long as the proper coordinates are inputted into the computer, the production run will be error-free.

With these benefits, you will definitely not regret investing on a computer controlled for your business. Your work environment will no doubt change in the best possible way.