Ceramic Pools Wholesaler of Pool Tiles

Pool tiles wholesaler


Pool tiles wholesaler

From custom made patterns to traditional pool tiles, Ceramic Solutions can supply all types of tiles to suit all types of projects.

All Pool Tiles are certified for swimming pool use, and their custom makes blends suit your taste and provide you with a unique project.

The range has over 500 dissimilar kinds of glass tiles from iridescent, crystal glass to ceramic. The tiles are mesh mounted, and other kinds are removable paper facing providing maximum exposure to adhesives. The glass pool tiles are highly reflective and provide a luxury look.

Your pool will shimmer and be highly stylish. The reflective qualities of glass tiles give an illusion of depth, and the lighting of colors in glass tiles alters the look of the water which will appear brighter and clearer. Glass tiles are waterproof and will not fade being much easier to clean. They are very durable and will not be impacted by the elements or the water.

Every one dreams of a palatial house in the proximity of the city and what better way to make your home grand than a swimming pool! The pool is that possession of your house that adds both beauty and class to it. For getting the best pool tiles of different colors, shapes and varieties.

You get a broad range of finishes. The best kind of pool tiles that are in vogue these days are the crystal finish tiles that make your pool sparkle like the ocean. We supply clear glass tiles with the colored glaze which gives your pool a three-dimensional feel. They are also popular because they are very smooth to touch and very elegant. The best part about purchasing from us is that we give you free home delivery with no extra tariffs.

Ceramic Solutions offers nationwide delivery service for wholesale pool tiles and pride themselves on customer service. When properly installed with the correct adhesive and grout the glass pool tiles characterize the most strong exterior swimming pool exteriors, they bid durable resistance to organic deterioration and other kinds of damage. Associated to other interiors such as plaster, aggregate or fiberglass which typically have a limited useful life. Glass pool tiles exteriors can recollect their look and surface veracity almost indefinitely.